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The biggest and most common mistakes made – not by English learners – but by Native Speakers, English Teachers, Text-Books, and even Dictionaries.

Industry Terminology – (one’s) “Higher-Ups”

The Idiomatic Phrasal-Noun – (one’s) Higher-Ups. The meaning of this phrase and why it should be dropped from The Common Tongue – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Long A Pronunciation – (Like You’ve Never It Heard Before)

The pronunciation the Long A – explained like you’ve never heard before. there are actually THREE different pronunciations of The Long A… That’s right!

Industry Terminology – (one’s) “Higher-Ups”

The Idiomatic Phrasal-Noun – (one’s) “Higher-Ups”. The meaning of this phrase and why it completely Sux!!! and should be dropped from The English Language

“Fun With English!!!” meets “Yer Inglish Sux!!!” #666 – JIF vs GIF

The Ultimate battle of ignorance has finally been won!!! And the winner is… Anyone who doesn’t care what others think, and uses his or her brain instead.

Grammar Lesson – Will and Going To for The Future (Verb Tense)

“Will” & “Going To” for The Future – A BRILLIANT Lesson by my favorite YouTube teacher + added commentary by me on why your text-book is (probably) wrong.

Diarize – (“Yer Ing-glish Sux!!!” Vol. 2)

The Pseudo-Word “Diarize” – Its Meaning, Its Usage, And where it (probably) came from…  And, finally…  Why it completely Sux!!!!

Shopaholic – (“Yer Ing-glish Sux!!!” – #1)

“Shopaholic” – (Yer Ing-Glish Sux!!!) – Learn The Meaning and Usage of This Pseudo-Word And Why It Completely Sux!!! – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Try And…” vs “Try To…”

“Try And” vs “Try To” – The description of these two very common phrases (of which one is wrong.) Learn which is wrong and why here – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

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