“Eye” Idioms – Idiomatic Phrases Uses The Word, “Eye”

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Closet Classics # 7

Welcome back once again, to the English Idiom Series.  Well, actually it IS  part of a series of posts on so-called, Idioms.  But the series kind of fell short – along with my revelation about the inadequacy of the term, Idiom.  There-fore, it has been resurrected as another Closet Classics post.

In this video you will learn the idioms:

  • (to) “Keep An Eye On” (somebody / something) –  Read More
  • (to have) “Eyes In/On The Back Of (one’s) Head” –  Read More
  • (one’s) “Eyes Are Bigger Than (one’s) Stomach” –  Read More


Learn Some More Idiomatic Phrases

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