Learn Some Shit Yo!............. Actually... Please don't talk like that - Seriously...... it will only make you sound like an idiot........................ I am simply using this kind of language, here, to make a point... So....... Click Some Shit, and become a freakin' genius!!! ;)


Adjective – Grammar Lesson

The Grammatical Term, “Adjective” – The different types of Adjectives and how they are used in a sentence…  and why they are so important.

Like vs Alike 2

“Alike” vs “Like” – (Today’s “Tid-Bit”)

The meaning and usage of the words, “Alike” and “Like”. Their similarities and differences, and why you should stay away from douche-bags 😉


“The Best Revenge Is Living Well” – Closet Classics #2

The Meaning and Usage of the Aphorism, “The Best Revenge Is Living Well” – with explanations and examples to make learning aphorisms awesome


TOEFL Vocabulary #7 – “General” (Unique Word-Transformation)

TOEFL Vocabulary #7 – The Word “General” and its transformations – Learn the meanings and usages of this word and all the transformations of it.


Aphorism: “When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens” (English “Tid-Bit”)

“When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens” – Learn The Meaning and Usage of this Idiomatic Aphorism, Interjection, Proverb, and Saying.


Grammar Lesson – The Letter B

Learn All about The Letter “B” in English Grammar, as well as definitions and pronunciation – with explanations and examples – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Frequently Asked TOEFL Question #2 – Vocabulary (Part 1)

TOEFL FAQ #2 – Should I be studying Vocabulary for the TOEFL Exam? Why the answer is absolutely “Yes”, but not in the way that you may think


Pronunciation Of The /ths/ Combination (+ “Why There Is Nothing Difficult About Learning English”)

The Pronunciation of the /ths/ combination – and a brief explanation of why there is nothing difficult about learning English.


TOEFL Vocabulary #6 – “Facilitate” (Unique Word-Transformation)

The Word “Facilitate” and its transformations – Learn Why It Is Transformational and Functional TOEFL Vocabulary on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


“Trembling With Fear” – Phrasal Verb

(to be) “Trembling With Fear” – An Adjectival Phrasal-Verb which can be idiomatic or literal.  Learn this phrase and more hear.

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