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TOEFL Vocabulary #3 – “Campus” (Functional TOEFL Vocabulary)

The word “Campus” – with definition, examples, links to pronunciation, and an explanation of why it is a “Functional” TOEFL Vocabulary word.


TOEFL Excellence… It Has Begun (almost)

GMSE News – A quick up-date on the development of the TOEFL Excellence Training System – brought to you by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Aphorism: “All Things In Moderation”

The meaning and usage of the Aphorism, Interjection, Saying, and Proverb, “All things in moderation” with examples – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


TOEFL Vocabulary #2 – “Base” (Word-Transformation TOEFL Vocabulary)

TOEFL Vocabulary #2 – The Word, “Base” & Its Transformations – The Meaning & Usage of this word – “Unique Word-Transformation” TOEFL Vocabulary


TOEFL Vocabulary #1 – “Ability” (Functional TOEFL Vocabulary)

TOEFL Vocabulary #1 – The Word, “Ability” – Learn the meaning and usage of this word, and why it is classified as “Functional” TOEFL Vocabulary


Grammar Lesson – The Letter A

Learn All about The Letter “A” in English Grammar, as well as definitions and pronunciation – here on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Adding Emphasis – English Usage

A Quick Video Lesson On How To Add Emphasis In Spoken English – Get Some English Usage Lessons Here On GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


The Alphabet – Closet Classics #1

The Alphabet – (Grammar Lesson) – A quick video grammar lesson by the queen of YouTube pronunciation lessons – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


Grammar Lesson – Nouns (Part 1)

Learn All About Nouns in English Grammar, with plenty of examples and explanations of the different types of Nouns – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


TOEFL Excellence – It Has Begun

The TOEFL Excellence Training Course System.  Brought to you by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! as a way to maximize one’s preparation time for the TOEFL iBT exam.