The “Letter A”

(Pronunciation – Lesson)

Having decided that it is far past the time to start making posts about pronunciation, I figured that a good place to start is with the first letter of the alphabet… 😀

The Letter Aa

Since I have not gotten into the video lesson “game” yet, I have decided to let Rachel tell you all about it, as she seems to be the most popular “pronunciation person” on YouTube.

My notes and comments are listed below, with times corresponding to the places in the video which I am referring to.

Video Notes

(Click The Times To See The Drop-Down Notes)

0:00 - 0:50
0:58 - 1:04
1:05 - 1:12
1:13 - 1:21
1:22 - 1:28
1:29 - 1:36
1:36 - 1:42
1:43 - 1:50

So…  After all of that…  you might be asking yourself…

“If he dis-agrees with so much of what was said in the video, why the hell would he post it on such an awesome blog like GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!?”  😀

That’s a good question…

It is because, most of what Rachel says in her videos is excellent information – specifically when she demonstrates how to actually make the sounds with one’s mouth, tongue, throat, and voice.  It’s just that sometimes, there are only a few things that I hope to clarify, in order to make them even more useful for everyone.

One of those things I feel needs clarification is that she never uses the traditional terms which represent all of the different sounds that she talks about.  So I am endeavoring to eliminate any confusion for those who have learned this terminology, but then watch her videos and are curious about why she never uses them.

I can only assume that she does this for the same reasons that I stated above…  that the system for naming these sounds is an imperfect system.  But one needs to at least be able to see where the problems are, in order to avoid them, and ultimately overcome them.

So I Will Happily Continue To Use Her Videos…

Have An Excellent Day!




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