(To) “Watch” vs (To) “See”

A Film / Movie

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In “normal” speech – to say that one “sees” something is a very general way of saying that:  The image of some “thing” is registered by the visual sensory apparatus – while, to “watch” something means:  To be focused on that “thing” which one sees (but is usually something which is moving.)

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However, when using these two verbs to talk about “Movies” or “Films” (whichever term you prefer) – they have slightly different meanings…

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To “See A Movie” is the phrase used to refer to the event of actually going to the theater or cinema to view the movie in that facility…

“We’re going to see the new “Star Wars” Movie.”

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To “Watch A Movie” is the phrase used to refer simply to the act of viewing that movie (wherever it may be.)…

“On my day off, I watched all three “Lord of The Rings” Movies in a row.”

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Also Note:

The phrase“To see a movie” is always used with either “going to”, “off to” or some other verb phrase, putting the subject in the future – and, thus, acting as an infinitive phrase.


To say that one “has seen” a movie, carries the natural meaning one would expect from a sentence in the present perfect tense.

In other words – that it has actually happened at some point in past – when it happened is either not known or not important – and that the action has an affect on the the present state… (because one can not “un-watch” a movie.)

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