Word Of The Day:  “Mug”

(This post is a re-fresh of one of the first posts that was ever published on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!…  and as such, after many many re-arrangements of the entire GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Universe, had fallen down such a deep crack, that it took three years to find it.  So…  here it is again, up-dated, and rejuvenated for your entertainment and learning pleasure.) 




 Noun Form:

1.  (object)
A large cup, used for hot liquids; usually cylindrical and ceramic with a handle, but when used for beer, is usually made of glass and is very large. 

2.  (an un-official unit of measure)
The quantity that can be held in a mug. 

examples:  That’s a delicious-looking pair of…  beer Mugs you’ve got there, young ladies!”

The glass containers that these horribly ugly young ladies are holding are also called “Mugs”…  They are for drinking Beer.  When the Mugs are full, the amount of beer inside the Mug is called, “A Mug Of Beer”…  Since these tragically ugly young ladies have already drunk most of their beer, then we would say that…  “they have less than half a mug of beer”…..  And that they are very very ugly indeed………..  If, for some reason, you think that these girls are NOT ugly…  then you, my friend, have had way too many “Mugs Of Beer”!!!  😀

example:  “Would you like a mug of beer or just a pint?”…  “I’ll have whatever those girls are having.” 😉

3.  (Slang – outdated)
A person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.

example:  “That guy over there is one sorry mug.”

4.  (Slang)
The human face. 

example:  “Who would want to take a picture of this ugly mug?”

Verb Form:

To rob at gunpoint or with the threat of violence. 

example:  “Don’t go to that neighborhood at night, you’re liable to get mugged.”

I hope that this helps… (somehow)

Have An Excellent Day!

(And Bring Me A Mug of BEER!!!)





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