(to be) Beat Up – (Adjectival Phrase)

(Today’s “Tid-Bit“)

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Today’s Tid-Bit is an adjectival phrase which is used to describe a person’s or thing’s physical condition.

When two people get into a physical fight with the intent of actually hurting each other, usually (unless they are somehow stopped) the loser ends up being “beat up”…  So to describe someone or something as being, “beat up” – means that he, she, or it is in a “bad”/poor/or less-than-optimal condition, and is, thus, in desperate need of repair.


“This car looks a little beat up.”

(to be) Beat Up 001 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“After a long night of singing her heart out to her many of fans, she was feeling rather beat up.”

(to be) Beat Up 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Smoking crystal meth is known to cause people’s teeth to become disgustingly beat up.”

(to be) Beat Up 003 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Stupid pigs who have no sense of control, and thus abuse and sometimes severely hurt and kill the people they are paid to serve – simply because they are sadistic fʌkɪŋ cowards who know that they will almost never actually get in trouble…

Beat Up Pigs - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

…should DEFINITELY get Beat The Fʌk Up!!!… Repeatedly… With extreme force…

Cop Getting Beat The Fuck Up - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

*Special Notice*

It Is Vital That You Understand…  that this statement is not aimed at all Police officers as a generalized group – which is what is happening currently with the terrorist hate group “Black Lives Matter”.  This statement is coming from a person who was formerly harassesd, for years, and ultimately turned into a “criminal” by police officers, simply because I looked different and acted differently than most.  The days of police acting like that are virtually over, just as was the racism that “Black Lives Matters” accuses the police of, endlessly.

The fact is, We need honest police officers and we do need “social justice” but not as a political movement in the way that it is being portrayed to the world today.

What we do NOT need is “Social Justice Warriors” and hate-groups like “Black Lives Matter” behaving like disrespectful, entitled fucking TERRORISTS!!!

People who interrupt peaceful events which have nothing to do with them, behaving in a way which would get any white man or woman shot and killed instantly (with no viral news coverage or speeches by the so-called “president”) – then, despite having all of their demands met, to STILL go on to publicly encourage people to kill ALL Police Officers because of the twisted and sadistic ideas of a few psychopathic individuals who are spreading their ideas like a virus with the support of – not only mainstream media – but also that of the current and probably future fucking assholes…  oops, I meant the  “president” (purposely NOT capitalized) and that fucking Monster with the last name, “Clinton”

That is why people like in the video below also need to be

(and then thrown in prison as the terrorists that they are)

Fuck These Fuckin’ Racist Fucks And Their Fucking Entitled Garbage Agenda!!!
They ARE the face of Racism today…

(There’s some “Authentic English” [and truth] for yuh!  If you are offended, then you are probably an offender…
Thus, I don’t care…)

GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Stands For TRUTH

(and now, back to the lesson)

The examples above are actually using the phrase in its verb form, in order to speak about the actual act of doing the beating to another person – where-as the previous examples describe the end result of the action – and thus, are actually Adjectival Phrases….  (even though your previous English teachers may say that the are actually verb phrases – because they are “States Of Being”…  Well, I’m saying that they are wrong…  And I bet that they will not debate me on this… however, they are definitely invited to do so.) 😎

(And So…)

Please…  Take Care Of Your Self…  Take Care Of Your Family & Friends…  And DO NOT Let ANY other “person” Tell You That You Are Racist Or “Privileged” Just Because Of The Color Of Your Skin…  Just Ignore Them Like You Would A Stray Dog And Walk Away…  If They Bite…  Bite Back Ten Times Harder!!!

(But please do not do this to actual dogs…  They just need love and maybe a little food…  “Dog’s Lives Matter”…  Much more-so than those of the trash in the video above…  and that goes for Antifa too!!!)

Hungry Puppy - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Have An Excellent Day…  Please.

(And Be Excellent To Each Other)




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