(to be) “Clear-Cut”

(Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective)

Today’s “Tid-Bit”:  (to be)Clear-Cut (as in: a decision / an answer / some information) is an idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective which is used to describe some piece of information which is very “clear” / simple / decisive / easy to comprehend / etc. – without the possibility for the information to be mis-construed or *mal-comprehended in any way.

[info](the term “mal-comprehended” is a much truer term for what many people comprehend as the verb (to) understand…  This is a term which I no longer use.  There will be a blog post about this very soon…  [as of July, 2016 -ed.])[/info]


“He made a very clear-cut decision.”


Clear-Cut - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


“When George made the mistake of asking The Soup Nazi for a piece of free bread to go with his soup – not only was He refused the bread but – The Soup Nazi  made the clear-cut decision to refuse George ANY kind of service at all.”


[info]Meaning:  The decision was clear, comprehensible, and could not be mis-construed in any way[/info]

Clear-Cut Bacon - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


“Well, that information seems pretty clear-cut.”


[info]Meaning:  The information was presented in a way that can be comprehended by just about anyone who can read and knows His or Her own name.[/info]


“Some people think that Hillary Clinton will be the first female President, but she can’t seem to give a clear cut answer to even the simplest… ANY question…


[warning]Also Note:[/warning]

The term Clear Cut can also be a verb with a very different meaning, and refers to the mass-murder and destruction of those wonderful oxygen-giving friends of ours who have been systematically targeted for annihilation by – not only idiotic red-necks in American who consider themselves to be “wilderness men” but are just idiot who cause destruction wherever they go – but also corporate business executives who are only concerned with providing the world with delicious hamburgers and tasty french-fries…  (by Clear-Cutting the Rain-Forests of south American to raise cows which will tun into your chemically-delicious MacDonald’s hamburgers.)

Clear-Cutting - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


“Oh look!  There are still some trees left!  So, I guess they didn’t actually Clear-Cut it after-all.”



 And Stop Clear-Cutting My Friends!!!

…or I’ll make the clear-cut decision to send Hillary Clinton After you!!!

Hillary Clinton - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


(I’m kidding…  I wouldn’t even do that to people who clear-cut forests…  And I fʌking hate people who clear-cut forests)



Have An Excellent Day!





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