• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

“When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens” (Metaphorical Aphorism, Expression, Interjection, Proverb, & Saying)

"When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens" - Learn The Meaning and Usage of this Metaphorical Aphorism, Interjection, Proverb, and Saying.

(to be) “Clear-Cut” & (to) Clear-Cut (Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective & Phrasal-Verb)

"Clear-Cut" - The Phrasal-Adjective "Clear-Cut" (a decision / answer / information). And the Phrasal-Verb (to) "Clear-Cut" (as in the mass-murder of trees).

Chocoholic – Workaholic – Shopaholic (The Pseudo-Suffix “-aholic”)

"Chocoholic" - "Workaholic" - "Shopaholic" (The Pseudo-Suffix "-aholic") - Learn The Meaning & Usage of These Stupid Terms And Why They Completely Suck!!!

Stressed and Un-Stressed Vowel Pronunciation – Pronunciation Lesson

Stressed and Un-stressed Vowel Pronunciation. A Lesson on Stressed Vowels, Un-Stressed Vowels, and Vowel Pronunciation in The Common Tongue of The English Language.

(one’s) “Meat And Potatoes” – (Metaphorical Idiomatic Phrasal-Noun)

(One's) "Meat And Potatoes" (Metaphorical Idiomatic Phrasal-Noun) - It's Meaning & Usage, along with plenty of examples for your reading & learning pleasure.

ETS Updates Their Website… The Results Are Nothing More Than… “Meh” :|

ETS Finally Updates their website in a way that makes more sense for test-takers... but still misses the mark.  Find out how and why - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

When Will I Get My TOEFL Scores?

The Frequently Asked TOEFL Question:  "When Will I Receive My TOEFL Scores?" - with further explanation of why you don't actually "receive" anything at all!

(To Be) At Large – Adjectival & Prepositional Phrase

The phrase:  (To Be) At Large. With Modern-day examples to illustrate & explain the meaning & usage, of this adjectival, prepositional, and idiomatic phrase.

The Aphorism: Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

The meaning and usage of the Aphorism:  "Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail" with examples and explanations in The Common Tongue Of The English Language

Some Stuff For Teachers – No. 1 “Introductory Questions for a Conversational Class” (1st Class)

Introductory Conversation Questions for a first English class. Good for teachers and students alike - from theTEFLblog & GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!