10 Most Common Very Common Adjectives


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Today’s Grammar lesson on Adjectives also falls into the category of Lexis, as this is providing you with some very helpful Vocabulary.

The title of the video says the “The 10 Most Common Adjectives…” – however, that may not be absolutely true, as these things change according to people’s usage.  However, these are very common adjectives, and I think that this is a helpful lesson.  So…


Enjoy The Video!




So, Bob may not be the most “exciting” video instructor on YouTube — but un-like most others — I have yet to find any questionable or false information in any of his videos.  So you can subscribe to his channel here, or just wait…  I’m sure that I will be sharing more of his videos in the future.



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  1. Great video. Useful to give students a different range of vocabulary, plus some entertainment, cheers

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