“Alike” vs “Like”

This post might be like others you have seen on the internet.  And, they are probably alike in many ways.  But, what makes this post different, is that it was written by me!  And you know that I sometimes get a little crazy…  Just like the Mad Hatter.  In fact, He and I are quite a’like.

Alike vs Like - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

But another feature of this post that will show that I’m not like others who write on this subject, is that I am going to tell you, “Why?”…  (My favorite question) 😉

“Alike”, “A’like” & The Prefix, “a-”

You may have noticed in the first paragraph, that the second time I used the word “alike”, I added an apostrophe.  This is not the standard spelling in “modern” times but was used a very long time ago.  The reason I did this is to show you that the letter “A” on the word, is actually a prefix.

The prefix “a-“, added to a word, has a few meanings.  The most common being in words like:  Around, Away, Abroad.  In these examples the prefix, “a-“ means something like:  Apart-from“.

However, in the word “Alike” – As with other words like:  Apace, Ablaze, Aright – The prefix is used to show a condition, by turning a noun into a stative verb.


The word “Alike” is simply the product of taking the word“like” and adding the prefix “A-“ to it.  Meaning:  “To have the condition of being…”.  This then means that the word “Alike” – used to compare two or more things to each other, has the same meaning as the phrase

“…(to be) like each other”

But Wait!!!

That would mean that would mean that both of these words have exactly the same meaning!!!

Oh My God! - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Yes…  That is exactly what it means.  There is absolutely no difference in meaning.  The only difference between these two words is in the construction of the sentence that the words “Like” or “Alike” are used in.

“Alike” vs “Like” – The Final Verdict

The Word, “Like” Is Used To Compare One thing To Another

Like vs Alike

“President Donald Trump is a lot like an ostrich.  It is possible that they have similar DNA.”

Translation:  Donald Trump is an Ostrich…  No, I’m just kidding.  But he certainly looks like one in this picture.  And just like an Ostrich, you don’t want to mess with Donald Trump.  They both have the ability to kick your ass into the next millennium. 

Thank You President Trump!!!



The Word, “Alike” is Used To Compare Two Or More Things Together 

Alike vs Like (Douchebags)

“The mutant breed of social hyena — commonly known as the ‘Douche-bag’ — can be very dangerous when competing for a sexual mate.  But, this does not pose much of a threat to most humans, as (no matter where they are found in the world) they all look very much alike and thus, are very easy to spot.  Furthermore, they usually only try to breed with others of their kind.”

Meaning:  They are all the same.  They all share one brain and it is severely damaged from over-use of steroids, hair-gel, and fake tanning spray.

Note Also:  The use of the modifying phrase, “very much”.  It is also common to say, “quite” 

“They are all quite alike

Meaning:  The same.

Note Also:  When it is known who or what one is speaking about and comparing, the pronoun, “they” can be used in-place of the names of the people, things, or genetic mutants being compared. 

And That’s That!

Have An Excellent Day!

(And please don’t be a douche-bag)




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