“A Little Bit (of something) Goes A Long Way”


A Little Bit Goes A Long Way - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This Idiomatic Aphorism Is Used To Express That, Something Intangible…

(Friendliness / Respect / Courtesy / etc….)

Demonstrated To Another –

Or Some Tangible Thing…

(Delicious Tangy Ketchup / A Fat Joint Of Dank Northern-California Kind Buds / etc….)

Will Yield Great:

(Results / Benefits / Useful-ness / Delicious-ness...)

…In Comparison To The Amount That Was:

(Invested / Shared / Given / etc..)


As For Intangible Things…

If a person wants to gain favor with another person, it has often been shown that, a little bit of courtesy and respect will go a long way towards making that person demonstrate the same to the other.

As For Some Tangible Thing…

If one was…  somewhere, and was passed a joint (only in countries where that sort of thing is legal, of course
and the person passing it said…

“Be careful, man…  A little bit goes a long way

…then it could be interpreted as meaning that the contents of the joint were very powerful, and it would not take very much to produce the desired result.

(Notice also that when it is understood what the “thing” is – it is not necessary to say the name of the “thing”.)

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Have An Excellent Day!

And don’t do anything stupid…

(Drive Safe – Be Respectful – Share Your Pot With Others – And Don’t Get Yourself, Or Anyone Else, Busted)




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