“All Things In Moderation”



The Aphorism, Interjection, Proverb & Saying“All Things In Moderation”, is used to imply that doing “too much” of one thing is not a “good” idea, or may be detrimental to one’s being – even if that thing is considered to be “good”.

Conversely, it also implies that even things that may be considered to be “bad”, or “bad for us” – in moderation, are not really that “bad”.

(both “good” and “bad” are relative terms and are in-all-cases opinions.  And are, there-fore, are – ultimately – the choice of each individual.  I prefer, in-stead, to use the terms “beneficial” and “detrimental”, which are still both opinions [depending on the parameters of the judgment] but at-least they remove the stigma of “right” and “wrong” from the situation.)

For Example:

To illustrate my point more clearly, I shall use the example of “eating”

All Things In Moderation 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Most people like food…  And at this point in Human evolution, we pretty-much to eat food to survive.  But, it is common knowledge that eating too-much food, and/or too-much of certain types of food, can cause something like this to happen…

All Things In Moderation - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

And…  if being grossly over-weight, to the detriment of your very health, doesn’t really bother you very-much – and if eating generally makes you happy… (it certainly makes me happy)…  then that’s awesome!!!  (as long as you aren’t one of those types who claim it as a disability to have the tax-payers support you in your disgusting life-style.)
But if your habit of over-eating leads to – not-only the destruction of your Self, but – the total obliteration of man-kind as-we-know-it…  Then maybe you should think about using some moderation.

(That last part was a bit sarcastic, but I’m making a point here.)


All Things In Moderation 004 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(photo credit: Lucia Maldonado-Medina, 2009)

As yoga has become more and more popular, the idea of frequent fasting has finally been accepted by most people (including so-called “Health Professionals”) as being something which can actually be very healthy for a person.
. But if a person were to stop eating because she didn’t want to completely wipe out New York City the next time that she went to the swimming pool 😀 – and in fact, went so far as to almost stop eating COMPLETELY (and I mean, to do so for the sake of so-called “beauty” rather than health)…  Well then she might end up looking a bit like this…

All Things In Moderation 003 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

And, of course, if this woman is happy and feels like she is beautiful…  really, that is the most important thing.  It’s her choice, and no one else has the right to make decisions for her.
. But if she wants to be both healthy and beautiful, (and not scare the neighborhood kids into thinking that she is actually a giant Praying Mantis-Type Extra Terrestrial in disguise)…  and if the fat guy above wants to be both happy, AND not responsible for the drowning of millions of people, thus causing the permanent displacement of even more millions of sea creatures…

…Then they could both practice eating in “moderation”.


The phrase does say, “All things…” – This is because the phrase is not used only in reference to “eating”.  It can be (literally) in reference to…  You guessed it…  “All Things”.

For Example:

  • Physical fitness is considered to be “good” for you – but most people don’t want to end up looking like this…

Over-Doing It 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

  • Taking the time to make yourself look good can make one feel good, and can have beneficial results in one’s social and professional life, but most people probably wouldn’t want to end up looking like this…

Over-Doing It 003 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

  • “Personal Expression” is a wonderful thing, but sometimes, if “moderation” is not practiced – even if the person is doing what he wants to – it is possible that he is going a bit “too far”, in an unconscious desire for attention…

Over-Doing It 001 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(I mean, seriously…  do any of these people look happy to you?)


As implied above, Personal Choice, Opinion, and how each individual defines what is “good”, “bad”, “beneficial”, “detrimental”, and EVEN their definition of the word “moderation” itself, is completely up to that individual.

That being said – as the word “Aphorism” is the grammatical term for a “Saying” which is used as a way of offering some piece of advice – using the expression, “All Things In Moderation” can be a subtle way of reminding someone that you care about that, ultimately, they can make their own decisions about how to live, but if they do not practice moderation in their decisions, it is possible that he or she may regret it later.

“So, I really liked getting my tongue pierced, and I was thinking about, getting some facial piercings…  What do you think?

“Well, as the old saying goes, ‘All Things in Moderation’.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.  I guess I shouldn’t go to far…  Thanks for the advice!”

All Things In Moderation 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!



Have An Excellent Day!





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