“Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”


Today’s “Tid-Bit” is an idiomatic aphorism which is used to express that every situation which may be perceived as “bad” or un-pleasant, usually has some sort of hidden beneficial or advantageous aspect to it – even though it may not been seen or experienced presently.

This phrase is usually used to describe a situation which is happening or has already happened – or as a reminder to someone who is experiencing, or is about to experience an un-pleasant situation, so that the person can perceive the circumstances with a more optimistic attitude.


(Warning!!! – The video has language that would not be appropriate for a typical classroom environment…but then…  this is NOT a typical classroom)


In case you didn’t catch that

(because their accent is a bit “thick”)

The “Cloud” (the un-pleasant reality) in this situation is that the guy who said that his, “…grandmother is sick…” owes $20 to the main character in the video-clip.

(and that was a lot of money at the time that this was supposed to be taking place.)

The main character doesn’t like this…  he wants his money.

However, the “mob-boss” character (the older gentleman in the blue suit) asks him if the guy is a friend.  The main character says…

“Nah!  I doh neven like ‘im”

(translation:  “No, I don’t even like him.”)

And so the older gentleman explains that, possibly, the main character should not be so upset about the situation, and instead,  think of his situation in a slightly different way:

  • The guy owes him $20
  • Because of this, the guy will always avoid him
  • The main character doesn’t like the guy
  • Therefore, since the guy owes him money, he will never have to deal with that guy ever again…  which is a “good” thing

(the) Cloud = He lost $20

(the) Silver Lining = The guy is out of His life…  and it only cost Him $20 

So even though the actual phrase – “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” – was not even used in the video clip, it is a good demonstration and example of the usage and the meaning of this phrase.

Have An Excellent Day!

(And Gimme Back My Money!!!)





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