Today’ Tid-Bit – The Aphorism…
“When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens”

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Today’s Tid-Bit is an Idiomatic Aphorism, which is also Prepositional and can be further classified as a Proverb, and a Saying, and implies that…

When one opportunity or situation (“door”) ends or is no longer available (“closes”) – then there is, almost always, another situation or opportunity (“door”) which is, or soon becomes, available (“opens”).

This phrase can also be used as an an Interjection, when someone is disappointed about some lost opportunity or when something does not go “right”.  In that situation, the speaker might use this phrase in order to “cheer up” the person who is upset about that lost or missed opportunity.

The phrase “When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens” is Idiomatic because it is almost never referring, literally, to actual “doors”.  And if the person speaking actually WAS referring to “doors”, then he or she would be showing his or her lack of discernment about how “doors” actually work.

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This phrase is a Prepositional-Phrase of Time because of the word “When”.  The word “When” is not referring to a specific time, but is referring to ANY time that one is in a situation where-in an opportunity is lost or missed (the “Door Closes”), and another (usually better) opportunity presents itself (another “Door Opens”).

When One Door Closes…

When One Door Closes - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

…Another Door Opens.

Another Door Opens - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This phrase is a Proverb AND an Aphorism because, well…  Those two things are quite often the same.  The only difference is that an Aphorism can be ridiculous, Cliche, and sometimes not even true – where-as a Proverb is used to convey a general Truth or tid-bit of Wisdom.  And, as the Universe is filled with far more opportunities (“Doors”) than every single human on the planet, collectively, for all time – past, present, and future – could ever take advantage of, then this is a general Truth of what we are experiencing collectively and “currently” as “Reality”.  There-fore…  a Proverb

But, as this is such an over-used Saying – and is also usually used by people who don’t really have much experience with what they are talking about – and thus, only use Aphorisms to sound intelligent – then it also qualifies as an Aphorism.  This is because one of the qualities of an Aphorism is that it is usually a pithy statement…  meaning that the people who hear it spoken to them (even if they know that it is true) usually regard it with as much value as if the person belched in their face.  (See:  the reasons for it being an Interjection, below)

When One Door Closes Another Door Opens 001 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(The Use Of The TermProverb” In This Blog Post Has Nothing To Do With Religion)

Referring to any phrase as a “Saying” – though being the most commonly used – is actually kind of a ridiculous lexical term.  However, for people who do not study Grammar, and probably do not even know what “Lexis” is – this is the most common term for things such as these.

It is a Saying only because it is a phrase which many people “Say”…  That is literally the definition of the lexical term “Saying”…  silly huh?

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Despite what a lot of text-books show and imply – Interjections are more than just one or two-word exclamations, such as:

“Wow!”  –  “Awesome!”  –  “Bloody Hell!”  –  “What The Fʌk!”  –  or  –  “That Totally Sucks!”

Now, all of those expressions ARE Interjections, because they are used to express emotion, and display one’s feeling and/or opinion about something.
. But… an interjection can also be any expression (word, phrase, sentence, etc.) that is used to express one’s thoughts, feelings, opinions, or simply offer commentary on a situation – where-in the person is not asking a question and is not expecting there to be any further commentary on what is being expressed.
. There-fore, the phrase “When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens”, can also be used as an interjection for the same reasons as were explained in the first paragraph above.  However, it should also be noted that this is usually (but not always) done by people who are (as explained in the section about Aphorisms, above) trying to sound wise by make some commentary on a situation where-in – not only is it not necessary, but – it is probably not the right time to say such a thing.  And therefore, to do-so would not be welcomed, nor would it be appreciated.

Stop Telling Me What I Already Know - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

So unless, you absolutely know that the person you are thinking of telling this phrase to will be receptive to what you have to say (like if the person is actually coming to you for consolation), and that that person may need to be reminded of this very well-known fact (as we all sometimes do)…  then please…  do not use this, or any other phrase like it, as an Interjection.

Smart people will thank you for it…

(well, not literally…  but if you are stupid… [and, of course, I know that none of my readers are 😉 …  I’m only using the pronoun “you” to refer to “some person”]
then Smart people will thank you for not being stupid – by not telling you how stupid you are.

(If you know a stupid person who may be receptive to learning how to “not be stupid” – please forward this to them.  You will be making The World a better place)

Have An Excellent Day!





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