The Pseudo-Suffix “-aholic” & Why It Sux!!!


The use of the pseudo-suffix “-aholic” is an example of a rather un-intelligent use of language, as it is taken from the word “Alcoholic” — commonly used to refer to a person who is addicted to drinking alcohol.

Alcoholic - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

However, this is also wrong.  This is because — by definition (and I don’t mean the one in the dictionaries), the word “Alcoholic” describes a person’s physical condition rather than that person’s addiction.


The suffix “-ic” added to the word “alcohol” (or any word for that matter) describes:  “Having The Condition and/or Qualities Of That Thing” — or to be “Under The Influence Of That Thing”.  So a person who is “Alcoholic” (not “AN” alcoholic) is a person who is saturated with and, therefore, suffering from the effects of alcohol.

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However — despite the rather simple & logical deduction from taking the meaning of the root-word (“Alcohol”), and adding to it the meaning and/or usage of the suffix (“-ic”) — the colloquial usage of describing the “person”, rather than the “condition” has stuck.

But that mis-usage and mis-interpretation of the word is still FAR better than the terrible and stupid practice of using the second half of the word “Alcoholic” as a suffix in words like “Shopaholic”, “Workaholic”, and “Chocoholic”.

“-aholic” & “-oholic” Are NOT Suffixes

Because many so-called “Native Speakers” of English do not actually think about the words that they use — and they also RARELY use a dictionary — it is very common for people to mistake the usage of a word for its meaning.  In this case, it is not the word itself, but the pseudo-suffix.

Throughout the years, the use of stupid terms like:  “Chocoholic”, “Shopaholic”, and “Workaholic” has become so common — that now, “-aholic” (or “oholic”) has become widely accepted as a suffix used to mean: “An Addiction To…”.

(Also note:  When this pseudo-suffix is added to another word, the first “o” usually changes to an “a”.  This is an example of how phonetics often change the spelling of words over time.)


Chocoholic - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This was probably the first of these stupid terms to be used.  And this one is used to refer to people who claim to be addicted to eating chocolate.  By doing this, they then have a lame excuse that (in their mind) relieves them from taking responsibility for having little or no control over themselves.

Besides sugar — there is nothing addictive about chocolate.  (Nothing exclusive to chocolate alone — excluding other sugary foods.  But these people claim only to be addicted to chocolate; not sugar).  What they may be addicted to is the feeling that they get from eating chocolate.  And this is because of some other emotional issue that they are not dealing with.


Workaholic - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This was probably the second of these stupid terms that became popular in the 1980s — used to refer to a person who is (supposed) addicted to working.  However, this is not true.

Nobody is actually “addicted” to working.  Most people who are referred to as “Workaholics” are simply people who work a lot harder and a lot more than the average person.  But this is most-likely because these people do not want to be “average” like all the rest.  😎


Chocoholic - Workaholic - Shopaholic (The Pseudo-Suffix "-aholic") GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This is definitely the stupidest of all of these stupid terms — and hopefully will be the last of people using the stupid pseudo-suffix “-aholic” to refer to an addiction.  This is because NO ONE is actually addicted to shopping.

They are addicted to the feeling they get when they buy new things — because they have some other mental and/or emotional issues about “power” which they are not addressing.


The terms “Chocoholic”, “Workaholic”, & “Shopaholic” (as well as any “Native” English-Speaker who actually use these terms as if they were legitimate words)


You Suck! - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!


(Okay Gary, calm down… it’s not that bad.  But…)

If you want to use English in a way that shows that you are actually an intelligence person —  then do not use these stupid terms.

Instead Of Saying

“I’m a Chocoholic”

“He’s A Workaholic”

“She’s a Shopaholic”



“I’m a disgusting slob who needs to get help with my eating disorder”

“That is one incredibly hard-working guy!”

“She spends way too much money buying shit she doesn’t need”

Besides the grammatical error of these phrases — they also assign a condition to a person’s identity, rather than simply making a statement about that person’s behavior.  Something which only shows that people who use phrases like there are not-yet very evolved…  So, just don’t do it.

No - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

I hope that this first installment of “Yer Ing-Glish Sux!!!” has helped.  Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other strange, weird, or illogical bits of English that don’t seem to make any sense.  It may be that they suck too.  And if-so…  I’ll add them here.


Have An Excellent Day!




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