(to be) “Clear-Cut”

(Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective)


This Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective — (to be) “Clear-Cut” — (as in: a decision / an answer / some information) — is used to describe some piece of information which is very “clear” — (simple / decisive / easy to comprehend / etc.) — without the possibility for the information to be mis-construed or *mal-comprehended in any way.

Notice! — the term “mal-comprehended” is a much more “clear-cut” and true way of saying what many people think they comprehend as the verb to “misunderstand”…  This is because the word “understand” ACTUALLY makes no sense at all.  We all know what people MEAN when they use the word “understand” but why do we say “under” — and why do we say “stand”.  Neither makes any sense at all for what the word is SUPPOSED to mean.  Therefore — The word “understand” is ACTUALLY “An Idiom” — while the word “comprehend” means EXACTLY what the word “understand” is SUPPOSED to mean.  Also the prefix “mis-“ implies a “mistake” — where-as “mal-“ indicates “poor” / “bad” / “wrong”.  Therefore — the word “Mal-Comprehend” ACTUALLY means EXACTLY what the word indicates — “To Wrongly Comprehend Something”.  And this PROPER use of words is one of the main premises of The Common Tongue.  Now…  Back to the lesson 😎

“He made a very clear-cut decision.”

“When George made the mistake of asking The Soup Nazi for a piece of free bread to go with his soup — not only was He refused the bread, but The Soup Nazi  made the clear-cut decision to refuse George ANY kind of service at all.”

Meaning:  The decision was clear, comprehensible, and could not be mis-construed in any way

Clear-Cut Bacon - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Well, that information seems pretty clear-cut.”

Meaning:  The information was presented in a way that can be comprehended by just about anyone who can read and knows His or Her own name.

“Some people thought that Hillary Clinton would have been the first female President of The United States Of America.  But she can’t seem to give a clear-cut answer to even the simplest…  ANY question.”

Another Usage:

The term “Clear-Cut” can also be a Phrasal-Verb with a very different — yet much more literal — meaning.  It refers to the mass-murder & destruction of those wonderful oxygen-giving friends of ours…  Trees.  This is largely done by dumb-ass red-neck “Lumber-Jacks” (who falsely consider themselves to be “wilderness men”)…

Dumb-Ass Lumberjack - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

But this is also done at the command of corporate business executives who are only concerned with providing the world with not-very-good hamburgers — at the expense of beautiful oxygen-giving Tree Friends.

For example — the “Clear-Cutting” of the rain-forests of South America for the sake of raising cows on the cleared land, in order to turn them into MacDonald’s hamburgers.  Basically, the land is “Cleared” by “Cutting” ALL the trees down.


Oh look!  There are still some trees left!  So, I guess the forest wasn’t actually ‘Clear-Cut’ after-all.


As for the writing of these terms — you may have noticed that I use the hyphenated form for both of the terms “Clear-Cut”.  This is because both of the words “Clear” & “Cut” make-up one single term — regardless of whether it is the Phrasal-Adjective or Phrasal-Verb form.

And that’s that!  I hope that the explanations of these two terms were “Clear-Cut” for you.  But if not — then please let me know so I can clarify it for you.  But, until next time…

Have An Excellent Day!


And Stop Clear-Cutting Trees!!!

…Or I’ll make the clear-cut decision to send Hillary Clinton After you!!!

Hillary Clinton - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(I’m just kidding…  I wouldn’t even do that to people who clear-cut forests…  And I fʌking hate people who clear-cut forests)



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