English Pronunciation

Posts about English Pronunciation, with a focus on American English – or what we here at GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! call, “The Common Tongue Pronunciation”.

Stressed and Un-Stressed Vowel Pronunciation

Stressed and Un-Stressed Vowel Pronunciation – Pronunciation Lesson

Stressed and Un-stressed Vowel Pronunciation. A Lesson on Stressed Vowels, Un-Stressed Vowels, and Vowel Pronunciation in The Common Tongue of The English Language.

Pronunciation of The Letter B and The Letter P – (/b/ vs /p/)

Pronunciation of The Letter B and The Letter P – (/b/ vs /p/) – Description of both sounds, the difference & the similarity, with explanations and examples.

Grammar Lesson – The Letter C

Learn All about “The Letter C” in English Grammar, as well as definitions and pronunciation – here on GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“ZEE” vs “ZED” – (American vs European English Pronunciation Of The Letter “Z”)

Zee vs Zed – The Pronunciation of The Letter “Z” in American English & European English. Learn The Proper Pronunciation.

Pronunciation Of The /ths/ Combination (+ “Why There Is Nothing Difficult About Learning English”)

Pronunciation Lesson: of the /ths/ combination – Plus an explanation of why there is nothing “Difficult” about learning English – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Dad – TOEFL Vocabulary (Level-Checking TOEFL Vocabulary)

The Word “Dad” – TOEFL Vocabulary #4 (+ Speaking Task Tips) – Functional, Level-Checking, & Unique Word-Transformation TOEFL Vocabulary.

The Letter A (Grammar & Pronunciation Lesson)

The Letter A – Learn All about The Letter “A” in English Grammar – as well as the definitions of its different uses, and also the different pronunciations.

The Alphabet – Closet Classics #1

The Alphabet – (Grammar Lesson) – A quick video grammar lesson by the queen of YouTube pronunciation lessons – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Long A Pronunciation – (Like You’ve Never It Heard Before)

The pronunciation the Long A – explained like you’ve never heard before. There are actually THREE different pronunciations of The Long A… That’s right!

Pronunciation of The Letter A – Part 1

How To Pronounce The Letter A. The Different Sounds Of The Letter A In The Common Tongue Of The English Language. Learn The Sounds Of The Letter A.