English Usage

Posted about the different ways that we use English in various situations. They contain not only grammar, but also vocabulary and lexis as well.

Looks vs Looks Like – (Describing And Comparing In English)

“Looks…” vs “Looks Like…” – Learn the Difference In Meaning And Usage Between the stative verb “Looks” and the comparative phrase “Looks Like” In English.

“Why Don’t You…?” – (Question, Suggestion, or Advice?)

The phrase “Why Don’t You…?” Is it for asking a question, making a suggestion, or offering advice. Why it is not polite, and some possible alternatives

Adding Emphasis – English Usage

A Quick Video Lesson On How To Add Emphasis In Spoken English – Get Some English Usage Lessons Here On GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Words To Be Eliminated From The Common Tongue – The Word: “Incredible”

The Word “Incredible”, and why its usage is almost always completely incorrect. Learn the proper meaning and usage of the word “Incredible” in The Common Tongue Of English Vocabulary

Advertisement vs Commercial

Advertisement vs Commercial – Learn the similarities & differences between these two terms and how they are used in English – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Much, Many, and A Lot Of – English Usage

The Use of “Much”, “Many”, & “A Lot Of” with Countable and Un-Countable Nouns. Explanations, Examples & Video to Help you learn this English Usage Topic.

Saying Hello (Greetings) – English Usage

Saying Hello – An English Usage lesson on common (informal) greetings like: “What’s Up?” / “How’s It Goin’?” / “How You Doin’?” & how to respond to them.

Agree vs Agree With

“Agree” vs “Agree With”

Agree vs Agree With – The difference in Meaning & Usage between this common Verb, and similar Phrasal-Verb – GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Used To” and “Would” for The Past

A thorough explanation of using the terms “Used To” and “Would” for The Past – For Past States of Being, and Repeated Actions Or Habits in The Past