English Vocabulary

The Word “Mug” (English Vocabulary Lesson)

The Word Mug – The many different meanings and usages of the word Mug – Noun, Verb, Phrase, Slang Term, Etc., – With examples of usage

(to be able to) Afford (something)

“Afford” – The REAL meaning of the word, “Afford” – And what it means to be able to “Afford” something. With explanations and examples.

Words To Be Eliminated From The Common Tongue – The Word: “Incredible”

The Word “Incredible”, and why its usage is almost always completely incorrect. Learn the proper meaning and usage of the word “Incredible” in The Common Tongue Of English Vocabulary

10 Common Adjectives In American And British English

10 very Common Adjectives in both American and British English. A video lesson with 10 very commonly used Adjectives + explanations, examples, and exercises.