“Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”




This common English Aphorism is an Idiomatic & Metaphorical Expression which is used to say that:  every situation which may be perceived as “bad” or un-pleasant (like rain-clouds in the sky), usually has some sort of hidden beneficial or advantageous aspect to it — even though it may not been seen or experienced presently.

The “Silver” part of the phrase may simply be referring to how some clouds (not typically the ones that are about to rain down on you), seem to have a “Silvery” color to them  This usually happens on days which have a lot of sunshine, but also when there are still clouds in the sky.  And as “Silver” (the metal) is valuable — this represents the “good” aspect of something which (when it turns into a rain-cloud) may be perceived of as “bad”.

This phrase is usually used to describe a situation which is happening or has already happened — or as a reminder to someone who is experiencing — or is about to experience — an un-pleasant situation.  This expression is given so that the person can perceive the circumstances with a more optimistic attitude


(Warning!!! – The video has language that would not be appropriate for a typical classroom environment…but then…  this is NOT a typical classroom)


In Case You Didn’t Catch That

(because their accent is a bit “thick”)

The “Cloud” (the un-pleasant reality) in this situation is that the guy who said that his “…grandmother is sick…”, owes $20 to the main character in the video-clip (the young guy).

(and that was a lot of money at the time that this was supposed to be taking place.)

The Main Character Doesn’t Like This…  He Wants His Money!

However — the “mob-boss” character (the older gentleman in the blue suit) asks him if the guy is a friend.  The main character says…

“Nah!  I doh neven like ‘im”

(translation:  “No, I don’t even like him.”)

And so the older gentleman explains that — perhaps, the main character should not be so upset about the situation.  And instead,  think of his situation in a slightly different way:

  • The Guy Owes Him $20
  • Because Of This, The Guy Will Always Avoid Him
  • The Main Character Doesn’t Like The Guy
  • Therefore — Since The Guy Owes Him Money — He Will Never Have To Deal With That Guy Ever Again…  Which Is A “Good” Thing

(the) Cloud = He Lost $20

(the) Silver Lining = The Guy Is Out Of His Life…  And It Only Cost Him $20

So even though the actual phrase“Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” — was not even used in the video clip, it is a good demonstration and example of the usage and the meaning of this phrase.

Have An Excellent Day!

(And Gimme Back My Money!!!)




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