What The Hell Flavor Is This!!!???

(Fun With English No. 457,892*)
*numbers are calculated arbitrarily

This little beauty comes to us from from the fine (I’m guessing) folks (or dude in his bedroom with nothing else to do but find goofy pics) over at Engrish.Com.

For those of you have actually been to that website, you will know that this is an old image, but bad English and humorously worded advertising will never go out of style.

The Winner Gets…

If you can actually guess what the hell flavor this completely improbable “food” IS…  you get to…  NOT eat it!!! 😀


And by saying “enjoy”, I mean, to enjoy fact that we all have delicious snacks that actually taste good…  and that if you know English, then you know that this “snack” is probably actually one of the most deadly poisons on the face of the Earth.

Have An Excellent Day!


(and if you see this product in a store somewhere, and are brave enough to eat it I will give you a free Reiki treatment)



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  1. It actually just occurred to me that the target market for this product may have been pregnant women… except for the bourbon… who knows?

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