The Grammatical Term “Abstract Noun”

It’s Meaning and Usage In The Common Tongue Of The English Language

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Read-On To Learn How This Is Actually An Example Of An Abstract Noun.


An Abstract Noun is a Noun which refers to an Abstract Thing”.  This is usually an:  Idea / Thought / Concept / Feeling / “State Of Being”.

Those things which the TermAbstract Noun refers-to are things which One can NOT actually hold in One’s hand, or physically touch; something which is not tangible.

Another way to distinguish between an Abstract Noun, and a Concrete Noun is…  If all Nouns are:  Persons / Places / Events / Ideas / Things — then the Nouns which are Abstract Nouns are those that are “Ideas” and “Events”.  It can be said that some “Things” can also be Abstract.  This is true, but if One were to think about them, then they would realize that those “Things” which are Abstract Nouns also fall into the category of “Ideas” and/or “Events”

Some Common Types Of Abstract Nouns

(Referring To Ideas, Thoughts Or Concepts)

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(Pretty much anything that goes-on in One’s head)

Referring To Subjects Of Study

(click the links to see an example)

Referring To Feelings, Emotions Or “States Of Being”

(click the links to see an example)

Referring To Events Or Times

(click the links to see an example)

Referring To The Subject Of An Action (making a verb into a noun

(click the links to see an example)

*As you can see from the last two examples, A Verb-Phrase (no matter how long it is) can actually act as an Abstract Noun as long as it is in the “Gerund” or “Infinitive” form.  In this way, it is acting as “The Subject” of a Sentence, rather than The Main Verb in The Sentence.

We will get-into Noun Phrases in another post — but, hopefully, this helps to get a better idea of the what an Abstract Noun (or Abstract Noun Phrase) actually is.  Let Me know if you have any questions.

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