Nouns In English Grammar

What Is A Noun?

The Noun, is what we call one of the “Parts of Speech” in English grammar.  That which we call “Nouns” are Words which represent a:  Person, Place, Thing, EventIdea, or Animal.

This is usually shortened to just “Things“.  However, it is wrong to say that “Nouns are things”.  Nouns are not…  Instead, the WORDNoun” is the grammatical term for anything which can be referred to as a “Thing“.

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There are many different classifications of Nouns:

    • Proper & Common Nouns
    • Countable & Un-Countable Nouns
    • Collective Nouns
    • Concrete & Abstract Nouns

Besides these, there are also:

    • Noun Phrases
    • Pronouns
    • Adjectives as Nouns
    • Verbs as Noun

These different classifications of Nouns will be covered in future posts.  For now, let’s see some examples of Nouns as described in their most basic forms.

Noun Examples


Nouns are Words which can name a Person/Individual/Entity – either a unique individual or an abstract person or group.

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Nouns are Words that can name a Place – either a specific place, or a type of place.

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Nouns are Words that can name a Thing – either tangible (something “physical” that you can touch or hold in your hand) or intangible (something that is not “physical” but still exists.)

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Nouns are Words which can name an Event – either a specific event, or something more abstract.

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Nouns are words that can name an Idea (concept, emotion, feeling.)  This can be anything from a dream to a subject that you might study in school.

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Nouns are words that can name an Animal.  This can either a specific animal or the name of a group

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  All comments (if they are respectful and beneficial) are welcomed and appreciated.

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