The Letter B

The letter B is the second letter in The English Alphabet.  It is also the first consonant in The English Alphabet.  As with every letter in The English Alphabet, The Letter B has two versions in the written form.

These two versions are called:  The “Upper-Case” and The “Lower-Case”


“Capital” & “Small”

The “Upper-Case” (or “Capital”) B
Like This:

The “Lower-Case” (or “Small”) B
Looks Like This:



As you learn The Common Tongue of The English language, you will see that – even though The Letter “B” can sometimes sound almost like The Letter “P” – generally, The Letter “B” is only be pronounced one way in The English Language.

Bb-Bus-The-English-Alphabet - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Letter B

                            • Bus
                            • Bag
                            • Ball
                            • Basket
                            • Bumble-Bee
                            • Break-Dancer

The Letter B,b is the second letter of The English Alphabet.  It is also the first consonant.  But in addition to just being a letter, It can also have another function in English.


The Letter B can also mean…

The Grade B - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“The second-highest grade, given to a student for doing well (above “average” but not “the best”) in school or on a specific assignment or project.”

To learn the pronunciations of words which start with The Letter “B”, visit The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Pronunciation Portal

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