Will” & “Going To…” For The Future

(And Why Your Text-Book Is [probably] Wrong)

I Can't Explain Why - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(This Post Is Both A Grammar Lesson AND a, Yer Ing-Glish Sux!!! Post.  Read On To Find Out Why) 

This is a subject which — quite frankly — has always pissed me off when it came to teaching out of a traditional text-book.  This is because, like Ronnie says in the video below, the different text-books almost always say different things about “Will” & “Going to…” to discuss things/situations in The Future.

These text-books will often state such things as, one is more “strong” — or that, one is for “things which are planned but not scheduled” — or, one is “intentional but blah blah blah”…  The truth of the matter is…  They Are Wrong!!!

(In Regards To Usage…)

Both Of These Terms Express The Same Thing…  There Is No Difference

(Except in the minds of those who spend all of their time writing English lessons and never actually communicating in English)

You Are Wrong - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This is just one of MANY case wherein the “traditional” approach to teaching grammar — and the actual so-called “rules” themselves are either just plain “wrong” — or — if at some point in the distant past, these so-called “rules” WERE  true…  they no-longer are, and there is no reason for following any of these so-called “rules” and further.

This, of course, is not true with all commonly-mistaken grammatical situations.  But in this particular case, there are PLENTY of examples which break all of the so-called, “rules”…  And they are not wrong.


“Honey!  Will you please do these dishes?”

“Yeah sure, I’ll do them later.”

“Hey dude!  Are you ever going to do the dishes?”

“I told you that I’m going to do them, just leave me alone!”

“Alright Mister!  I thought you said you were going to do these dishes!”

“I WILL!!!”

“So when is that going to be?”

I’ll do them as soon as you stop bothering me about it!”

“Okay…  so, since that will never happen, when are you, REALLY, going to do them?”

[Sigh] “I’ll do them as soon as I finish writing this blog post about how stupid this “rule” of grammar is.”

“Good…  Thank You!”

So now, you tell me which is “stronger”, which is for “an intention with no definite plan”, and which is for “something which is scheduled”.

And then, I’ll tell you that you can completely reverse both of those terms, in every one of the sentences above, and there will be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which is grammatically wrong about any of them…  EVER!!!

The only difference between these two terms is in how the sentence is structured in order for the actual sentence to be grammatically correct.

And Ronnie is the first person I have EVER heard or seen (besides myself) who has said this

This of course doesn’t mean that we are the only ones.  It just seems that we are a rarity among so-called “language professionals”.  So if you are one of the few and the proud who is able to think critically and logically, and is teaching your students to do-so as well…  BRAVO!!!  keep up the good work!  And don’t worry about the administrators who you are constantly getting in trouble with.  The students are the reason why we do what we do…  not the administrators.

If you are a student who has a teacher who often tells you that the text-book is wrong, and always seems to be in trouble with his or her bosses for not teaching according to the stupid syllabus but is teaching you what you actually need to know, in the way that you learn best, then go to the school’s office after class and *tell the administrators that your teacher is the best teacher in the school and you don’t want to have classes with anyone else.

*(But don’t tell your teacher you did-so.  It will mean way more to him or her to hear it from the administrators who are always mad at him or her.  I know from personal experience.) 😉 

But for now, just watch the video and learn something good from an Excellent teacher…  Enjoy!

I hope that was helpful…

Now go subscribe to Ronnie’s Youtube Channel because She’s Awesome! (And Remember To Subscribe Here Too!)

Have An Excellent Day!




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