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Idiomatic Phrases Using The Word:  “Head”


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(Closet Classics #9)

As with all Closet Classics this is an up-dated and refreshed, re-post from long ago and far far away.  As I have mentioned before, I do not agree with the term “Idiom” as a separate grammatical term, but, since most people have been taught that an Idiom is an actual “thing” I am keeping the title.  That, and because that is the term which is used in the video.


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Phrases Used In The Video

  • (to be) “Like Banging (one’s) Head Against A (brick)/ The Wall” – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which is, well…  pretty much like he said…  but read my description too 😉 –  [su_button url=”http://www.lexis.givemesomeenglish.com/phrases/phrasal-adjectives/phrasal-adjectives-without-prepositions/phrasal-adjectives-letter-l/#to-be-like-banging-one’s-head-against-the-wall” target=”blank” style=”flat” radius=”0″]Read More[/su_button]

  • (to have One’s) “Head In The Clouds – This is an Idiomatic and Prepositional Adjectival Phrase which is used to describe more situations that the teacher in the video explained  –  [su_button url=”http://www.lexis.givemesomeenglish.com/phrases/phrasal-adjectives/phrasal-adjectives-prepositions-prepositional-phrasal-adjectives/phrasal-adjectives-letter-h-prepositions/#to-have-one’s-head-in-the-clouds” target=”blank” style=”flat” radius=”0″]Read More[/su_button]

  • (to) “Have An Old Head On New Shoulders” – This is not a phrase that I had heard before watching this video, but from his description and logical deduction (assuming that when he says, “acts like an old person” that he doesn’t mean:  walking slow, complaining about health problems, and being technologically illiterate despite having a strangely awkward addiction to facebook)  – then this phrase is very similar to the Idiomatic Adjectival Phrase…  (to be) “Wise Beyond One’s Years”  –  [su_button url=”http://www.lexis.givemesomeenglish.com/phrases/phrasal-adjectives/phrasal-adjectives-prepositions-prepositional-phrasal-adjectives/phrasal-adjectives-letter-w-prepositions/#to-be-wise-beyond-one’s-years” target=”blank” style=”flat” radius=”0″]Read More[/su_button]

Wise Beyond One's Years - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

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