“JIF” vs “GIF”

First of all — who the F^ck cares!?!?!?  But, actually — I’m kidding.  Because, actually — I care.  Otherwise I would not have taken the time to write this post.  And since a lot of people REALLY DO CARE (at least they did when I first wrote this post) — it seems that an actual English teacher should weigh-in on the issue.

(Especially When The Guy Who Actuall Invented GIFs Has Weighed-In On The WRONG Side) 😉

Them:  But the guy who created GIFs says that it is pronounced “JIF”…

Me:  …

Head-Explosion002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(just because he said so, that does not make it right)

So Here It Is…


And if anyone can read this and STILL not understand — then we would all be better off if THAT person’s head exploded.  And this goes for the creator of the GIF too.  We thank you for giving us this wonderful & useful image format (which I Love so very much).  But please just stick with computer shit. 😎

Enough Said!

(You get points for cleverness, but immediately lose them for being a smart-ass.)

Have An Excellent Day!




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