Much, Many, and A Lot Of…

(English Usage Lesson)

Too Many Assholes - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“There Are A Lot Of People In The World…  Too Many Of Them Are Assholes…  We Are In Much Need Of A Plague”

Notice — Regarding the use of the word “Plague”, above:  This post was originally written many years before the current “Covid” Bullshit…  But “Covid” is not actually a “Plague”…  it is actually fucking BULLSHIT!!!  So we are still in-need-of that “plague”…  hopefully one that specifically targets all those who are responsible for fucking-up everyone’s lives with the excuse of the so-called “Covid” Bullshit…  Now…  On with the lesson 😉

Hello again… or should I say, “What’s Up?“…  For today’s lesson on English Usage, we will be paying another visit to the teacher from a previous lesson about about Saying “Hello”.

However, this time, what the speaker in the video is talking about is directly related to the two Grammar Lessons that we just finished, about Countable and Un-Countable Nouns.

In today’s lesson, we are focusing on: “Much”, “Many”, and the phrase, “A Lot Of…” – and their usage with Countable and Un-Countable Nouns.

These are terms that we use to “determine” the “quantity” of something.  As such, they are referred to as both, Determiners and Quantifiers – however, all three of them clearly describe a non-specific amount.

The Usage

For Countable Nounswe use, “Many”

“He had many incredible dance moves.” 

Wicked Dance Moves - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

For Un-Countable Nouns we use, “Much”

“She kicked the ball with much force.” 

Much - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

So What About “A Lot Of…”?

We can use the phrase, “A Lot Of…” with both Countable AND Un-Countable Nouns.  That’s easy enough, right?  (Well, that’s the way it should be.) 😎

“There were a lot of other kids on the ride with Darth Vader” 

A Lot Of Vader - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“They had a lot of fun when they went bowling together.” 

A Lot Of - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Now Enjoy The Video

Please Note

Though the information that the teacher gives in this video about using “Much”, “Many”, and “A Lot Of…” is really quite good – He starts off by saying that this is something that, “…a lot of people have trouble with…”.  If you have read any of my other posts, then you probably already know my feelings about saying stupid shit like this…

Even though, what he says may have been true for many people, and may continue to be true for others — this does not mean that it has to be true for you.  The fact of the matter is…

Please Note:

In the section of the video – between 1:36 and 2:33 – the teacher gives many examples of “Much” and “Many” using a non-specific fake “foreign” accent.

I‘m sure that he probably gets a lot of laughs from his friends and maybe even his students as well when he does this for them.  But it certainly is not the most cultured or polite thing to do.  If this part of the video offended you in any way, please don’t pay it much attention.  I’m sure he wasn’t really trying to make fun of anyone.  He just doesn’t seem to know any better…  (I say this with confidence because I used to do the same thing.  Although people laughed — they were laughing AT me…  not WITH me.)

It should also be noted that, although the examples that the speaker used for Much, and Many were grammatically correct, the way in-which he described the different types of money was not actually correct.  This is probably due to the “character” that he was playing.

When He Said…

“Many 5 Dollar Canadian” 

He Should Have Said…

“5 Canadian Dollars” – (or in British English) – “5 Dollars, Canadian” 

Notice also that, in this example, the word“Many” is not, and should not be used.  This is, of course, unless he is referring to that particular bank-note.  Then he should say…

“I have many Canadian 5 Dollar Bills” 

And then…

“Brazilian Money, 2” 

Should have been…

“2 Brazilian Reais” 

Or simply…

“2 Reais” 

Finally – it is perfectly fine to use the words“Much” and “Many” in positive sentences, although it doesn’t work for every situation.  It also may be true that it is more “common” to use “A Lot Of…” in positive sentences – but in many situations, you will sound much more intelligent if you use the words“Much” or “Many”.

In fact, that last sentence is actually an example of what was expressed in the sentence.  Just replace the underlined words with the phrase, “A Lot Of…” and “A Lot…” and see how it sounds.

Other than those few mistakes, the information was quite good, and I think he did a good job of explaining it.  So, I hope that you agree.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

Have An Excellent Day!




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