The Common Tongue

The Common Tongue | Created By “The Teacher” From GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – This Is The PROPER Usage And Meaning Of What Was Previously Know Of As “English”

Adjective – Grammar Lesson GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Adjective – Grammar Lesson

The Grammatical Term:  “Adjective” – The different types of Adjectives and how they are used in a sentence – plus why they are so important.

The Common Tongue

Words To Be Eliminated From The Common Tongue – The Word: “Incredible”

The Word “Incredible”, and why its usage is almost always completely incorrect. Learn the proper meaning and usage of the word “Incredible” in The Common Tongue Of English Vocabulary

The Common Tongue

What Is The Common Tongue?

A Description of what The Common Tongue is, what it should be, and an explanation of the motivations for working towards developing and establishing it.


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