(to be) “Clear-Cut”

(Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective)


Today’s “Tid-Bit”:  (to be)Clear-Cut (as in: a decision / an answer / some information) is an idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective which is used to describe some piece of information which is very “clear” / simple / decisive / easy to comprehend / etc. – without the possibility for the information to be mis-construed or *mal-comprehended in any way.

(the term“mal-comprehended” is a much truer term for what many people comprehend as the verb(to) understand…  This is a term which I no longer use.  There will be a blog post about this very soon…  [as of July, 2016 -ed.])

“He made a very clear-cut decision.” 

Clear-Cut - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“When George made the mistake of asking The Soup Nazi for a piece of free bread to go with his soup – not only was He refused the bread but – The Soup Nazi  made the clear-cut decision to refuse George ANY kind of service at all.” 

Meaning:  The decision was clear, comprehensible, and could not be mis-construed in any way

Clear-Cut Bacon - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Well, that information seems pretty clear-cut.” 

Meaning:  The information was presented in a way that can be comprehended by just about anyone who can read and knows His or Her own name.

“Some people think that Hillary Clinton will be the first female President, but she can’t seem to give a clear cut answer to even the simplest… ANY question… 

Also Note:

The term Clear Cut can also be a verb with a very different meaning, and refers to the mass-murder and destruction of those wonderful oxygen-giving friends of ours who have been systematically targeted for annihilation by – not only idiotic red-necks in American who consider themselves to be “wilderness men” but are just idiot who cause destruction wherever they go – but also corporate business executives who are only concerned with providing the world with delicious hamburgers and tasty french-fries…  (by Clear-Cutting the Rain-Forests of south American to raise cows which will tun into your chemically-delicious MacDonald’s hamburgers.)

Clear-Cutting - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“Oh look!  There are still some trees left!  So, I guess they didn’t actually Clear-Cut it after-all.” 


And Stop Clear-Cutting My Friends!!!

…or I’ll make the clear-cut decision to send Hillary Clinton After you!!!

Hillary Clinton - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(I’m kidding…  I wouldn’t even do that to people who clear-cut forests…  And I fʌking hate people who clear-cut forests)


Have An Excellent Day!





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