Introduction To TOEFL Excellence – (TOEFL Excellence 001)

Image Credit: Toefl from

Image Credit: Toefl from

A few weeks back, I started The TOEFL Excellence YouTube Channel.  Much of The TOEFL Excellence Training System will be done with videos, so it only makes sense that TOEFL Excellence should also have its YouTube Channel as well.

The reason that I did not want to promote this video earlier is that – until a couple days ago – it was the only video created, and I didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot by promoting something for-which the follow-up was not even conceived yet.

But since that has now happened…  Well, here it is. 😉

In this video, I briefly describe my motivations for starting the creation of The TOEFL Excellence Training System and a bit about why it will be very different than everything else that has, thus-far, been available.


So…  About the hammering in the background…  I chose to leave it in (actually I did edit a lot of it out) because in my experience from recording vocals for music, doing too much editing takes away from the authenticity of what is being recorded.  And that is exactly what I want people to hear…  Authenticity.

I personally have a hard time listening to someone who is simply reading a script.  And what I had to say, absolutely NEEDED to get out in that moment…  otherwise, if I had waited (knowing myself very well) it might still be on my “To Do” list.

The most important thing in this and in all of the videos (and blog posts/lessons/pages/etc.) is not me or my company/brand/image/etc., but the message that is being delivered…

“The Wisdom of Truth, is not More or Less Wise, if it is coming from a Prophet or a Mad-Man”

~Someone 😉

So…  Please Share, Subscribe, Like…  Whatever.

Not because it helps Me – but because there are a lot of other people out there who need my help.

Have An Excellent Day!





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