The Common Tongue Project…

(What Exactly Is It?)

Tower Of Babel - The Common Tongue

The term The Common Tongue is not new – nor is the concept.  The term has been used – over-and-over, in many stories – to refer to a common language or at least a dialect that is used to communicate between the people of a world, where each group (race, nationality, etc.) has it’s own native language but needs to communicate for many various reasons:  travel, trade & commerce, politics, or simply the sharing of ideas.

For The World We Live In Today…

“The Common Tongue” Is The English Language Is 

Why Change The Name?

To Get The Answer, Read The Full Post Here

(I Promise, No Click-Bait…  Just A Real Way For All Of Mankind To Finally Come Together And Make This World A Beautiful And Prosperous Place…  Again)

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