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Shitty Teacher 003 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

I was just creating a report for one of my students, based-upon some of the things which came up in our last English session together.  She had stated that she wanted to work on her pronunciation more.  This, of course, is one of the biggest concerns for anyone learning English, but for someone of her level (which is quite high) it becomes more important.

By “important”, I mean that it is important to HER.  This is because, whenever someone has the determination to actually break through that invisible barrier that SEEMS to exist just between the “intermediate” and “upper-intermediate” levels of English — then there is not much more for them to actually “learn”, as far as grammar — but the continued language learning shifts to a world of repetition of what has already been learned — in accompaniment with lots of work with pronunciation, and then massive doses of Lexis…  (the part of the language which adds “spice” to the language.)

Getting Back To My Point…

I was just about to add a link in her report to a YouTube video lesson on the pronunciation of the letter “R”, when I remembered that the teacher in the video, starts by saying

This is truly one of the hardest sounds in American English…

Shitty Teacher 001 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Well… it’s a good thing that I’m not teaching “American English” here because there is nothing difficult about it…  “We” (together) are “learning” The Common Tongue

It may look like and sound like “English” but it has nothing to do with the country of England – other than that it is a language for the whole world and England happens to be a part of that world… (and the same goes for America.)

But still…  that kind of stuff…  (unconsciously limiting peoples’ capabilities based the idea that if a person makes a mistake, that he or she can become discouraged and want to quit…  which is complete BULLSHIT!!!) …  well, that really pisses me off, because it’s not true…  never was…  never will be!!!

Shitty Teacher 002 - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

So What’s The Problem?

That’s EXACTLY IT!!!  The “PROBLEM” IS  “The Problem”.  Allow me to explain…  If you are a human who has all of his or her physical and mental capacities…  (and I mean only the MOST minor)  then…


I ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY REFUSE, REJECT, DENY, DELETE, DESTROY, And Completely DEMOLISH – ANY Idea which says that you (or I) somehow have to accept that ANYTHING should be “difficult”, “impassable”, or “impossible”.  This has ALWAYS been TRUE — In ALL-WAYS WILL be True — and there is NO-THING which will ever hold any of us back from achieving everything that we want to, once we ALL know that WE ARE FREE…  (Free:  To Learn, To Grow, To Prosper, and To Break-Dance & Skateboard all night long — without anyone telling us to turn the music down.)

You Can Do It!!! - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

After only five weeks of “high”-school my so-called “Guidance Counselor” — (who neither provided any “Guidance” or “Counseling”) — told me that I would not-only NOT graduate with my class — but also said that I WOULD(not that he THOUGHT that I would, but that I Absolutely WOULD)  amount to nothing — and that I would probably be dead by the time that I was 18 years old…

Thank You Tom Stover... You are a champi-ahahahahahahh... ooh... sorry... I almost said you were a champi-aaaaaahahahahahhahahha!!!

Thank You Tom Stover... You are a champi-ahahahahahahh... ooh... sorry... I almost said you were a champi-aaaaaahahahahahhahahha!!!
Thank You Tom Stover… You are a fuckin’ champi-ahahahahahahh…  Ooh…  Sorry…  I almost said you were a champi-aaaaaahahahahahhahahha!!!

The main point is that…  The people who try to tell you what you can & can’t do, are your enemies…  Even if they are people you love.  If they say things like this to you — then they are showing you that…


Simply by telling you that something is going to be “Difficult” / “Confusing” / etc. – that person, has just done you an incredible dis-service…



If They Try To Tell You Otherwise…  Walk Away…

If They Follow You…

Punch ’em In The Face

(they’ll get over it…  or maybe they’ll change

Have An Excellent Day!




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