“Zee” vs “Zed”

(The Difference Between The Name Of The Letter Z In American & European English)

The Letter Z - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

I am certainly not One to promote divisiveness between the people who conform to the different ways that English is spoken throughout The World.  In fact, this is specifically why I started The Common Tongue Project.  But, the pronunciation of The Name of The Letter Z is one of those things which is a bit different.

And more significantly, the idea that one person is considered to be, “wrong” where-as another is supposedly, “right” – when it comes to things which are not rules, but conventions – is absolutely ridiculous…  What people are usually talking about is opinion, preference, and ideology.

Exhausted By People - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(And We Here At GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Are Pretty Freakin’ Exhausted By You Chelsea)

Now… what I’m talking about does not pertain to things which are un-deniable proven facts…  Like the fact that all Americans are stupid, and all Europeans hate generally hate them for it…

Americans vs Europeans (and Russians) - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Good Job! Now the Russians are pissed because you gave the credit for their ingenuity to the Europeans.

Ha Ha…  I was just kidding 😀

But When It Comes To The Different Ways To Pronounce The Letter Z…

The Fact Of The Matter Is…

The pronunciation of The Letter Z, in The Common Tongue is…

/zee/ – /ziː/

Where-as, in European English – The Letter Z is pronounced…

/zehd/ – /zɛɾ/

Either one is perfectly fine to use, and neither one is “wrong” – however, it is quite possible for an American who has not had any interactions with those from outside of his country to become confused by this – mainly because…

“Zed” Is (or at least was) A Man’s Name… 

And That’s That

Jay:  “I can’t believe you actually called me Jay-Zed!” 

Jay Zed - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

Rick:  “I can’t believe you don’t even know how to pronounce your own bloody name!” 

Have An Ek-ZEE-lent Day!





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